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On college, exams and professor reactions to me

So, I actually do kinda want to study for the two exams I have this afternoon. I mean, both subjects are interesting and I obviously don’t want to fail the exams, but there’s always things that are so much more interesting at the exact moment that I sit down and say “alright, time to study”. [...]

Why so serious?

So, I wonder how my Operating Systems professor is going to react to my slightly irreverent style of doing the homework in his class this semester (example: in answer to a chapter review question that asks “what are data structures” [a topic I spent an entire 4-hour-a-week class on last semester], instead of doing the [...]

Too true

Today’s Schlock Mercenary is a good analogy for how I feel on more days than I would like to admit. Kinda like today. ——— So there’s this power outage. Some power poles snapped (Duke Energy says they don’t know way, but it seems to me that given the extremely cold temperatures the likes of which [...]

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008 report

Chemistry exam this afternoon went well considering that I spent the time I had planned to study writing about time travel and how much I dislike chem class…oh wait, I wrote that when I had planned to complete my overdue homework for comp arc class. Anyway, I probably spent less than an hour actually studying [...]

On my current classes

I’m not a big fan of school. I’m not even a little fan of school. In fact, if school were…OK, OK, I think you get the point. If you don’t, scroll down to my last post. Yeah. I’ve pretty much already moved on from this semester, which is interesting because I still have 7 class [...]

Today: majority win

I’m not a big fan of Mondays. I’m not even a little fan of Mondays. In fact, if Mondays were a rock star I’d be one of those people who badmouths them for not being moral enough. Mondays and I have a strained relationship at best, which is perhaps why my subconscious made me turn [...]


I’m pretty sure that it’s not supposed to be 65-75 degrees for 6 days straight in late October/early November in northern Indiana. And yet, yesterday was 73 degrees, today was 70 and the next 4 days are supposed to be similar: I’m not really complaining, this week is absolute hell for me schoolwork-wise (probably the [...]

You are so tomorrow

What with the first third of the semester done with and the first round of exams over with, I feel like I have a little bit more room to breath and my idle brain processing time (anyone else obsessively track their program memory usage on Windows XP and notice that little “System Idle Process” program?) [...]

An update! Looky! A life update!

You’d think that with the lack of sleep I get on school nights (5-6 hours when I don’t have an exam or big project due the next morning), that I would love weekends and the chance to sleep in and relax, but alas, ’tis not so. The adrenaline that carries me through the week lets [...]

Sleep vs. Homework

My weekly schedule is kinda interesting in that I have a 9am class four days of the week, but on Wednesdays I don’t have class until 3pm. This, so far this semester, I have seen as nothing but I good thing since it allows me to get a whole bunch of sleep midweek to help [...]