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Howard Tayler Underestimates Himself

Howard Tayler, as you might know, is the creator, author and artist of the truly awesome space opera webcomic Schlock Mercenary (can you tell I love this comic?). Well, yesterday he posted a news post that one of his recent story arcs (The Body Politic) was nominated for a Hugo Award (awesome, huh?) he mentioned [...]

Pretty please?

I need the last panel of today’s Schlock Mercenary on a t-shirt. SERIOUSLY. My life will not be complete without it. I love Petey so much. That is all. -j


2 weeks ago I found the wonderfulness that is The Online Comic Space Opera Schlock Mercenary (I believe I may have mentioned it at the time, filed under Cool Stuff) and began reading the 8-year, 3000+ comic archives. Tonight I found it necessary to stay up waaaaay past my bedtime and complete that reading of [...]