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Debate live-blog

I’m in a really noisy room so it’s kinda og hard to hear the teevee, but I they keep jacking the volume, so it’s OK, I think. 9:07pm: Re: Obama’s answer re: the current crisis: um, Obama, good thought, but we tried giving the middle class a “tax break” this summer and it didn’t work. [...]

Whose fault is it anyway?

Well, the Economic Stimulus package from this summer that was supposed to save our economy didn’t work (I suppose that’s an understatement on an epic scale?), so our wonderful not so stingy elected officials tried a new tack. “Hey,” they said “giving money to the middle class didn’t help, let’s try giving it to the [...]

Memo to the DNC: you didn't win anything

I’m really (not) sorry to tell you this, DNC, DailyKos, MyDD, et cetera: but even though you got your boy as the nominee you really didn’t win anything as the PUMA movement is not giving up and not giving in and is actually growing. So I’m (not) glad that we’re “unified” now because you strong-armed [...]

Twittering the convention

Check the sidebar for my new Twitter stream, bringing you all my sarcastic comments on the democratic national convention speakers (OK, just Michelle Obama, but still). -j

Today's Doonesbury…

Monday’s Doonesbury comic is pretty funny. I’m 90% sure that Garry Trudeau supports Hillary and I always find it amusing when he goes after Obama and the DNC. I was kinda worried in June, actually, since I’ve come to really love Doonesbury’s commentary but if he was going to just fall in line behind The [...]

The plan is right on schedule

The coming convention upset that riverdaughter laid out in simple detail several days ago is right on track as the DNC Credentials Committee voted this morning to give the Florida and Michigan delegations full voting rights on the floor of the convention, a move that narrows Sen. Obama’s pledged delegate lead by 19 votes. My [...]

The coming upset

I love it when the MyDD front-pagers do my job for me. This evening Todd Beeton brings us this interesting (and telling) anecdote: On my shuttle to the hotel, I encountered a storm of another kind: an Obama delegate from Illinois and a Clinton delegate from Massachusetts. When she said she was a Hillary delegate, [...]

Back to politics

What, you thought even an extremely interesting Tropical Storm could make me forget that the Democratic Party is fixing to nominate Obama (a man who very possibility has lied to the Illinois Supreme Court) over Clinton (a women who actually won the primary popular vote) all while McCain fixes to be a worse president than [...]

A funny blog

Today I ran across this blog called Where Is Bob? about the wacky antics of the author’s boss. It’s really funny. If you like Dilbert, you should enjoy this. ———— That is all for now. There might/should be a political post later tonight. Right now I’m listening to “Conflucians Say” on Blog Talk Radio (until [...]

Cool Stuff, Aug. 14 edition

It’s 5:09am, e.g. past bedtime for me (the new school semester starts in less than 1.5 weeks and I have a 9am class 4 days a week…eeks!) but I thought I’d spare some time for a list of today’s Cool Stuff: Today I was happy to find that Jerome Armstrong, a regular MyDD front-page poster, [...]