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It's coming…slowly

I elected to spend the evening (when I wasn’t talking with my family or watching TV and eating pizza) working on the next post in my Transportation in America (TiA) series rather than do the C++ homework the professor encouraged us to do before Monday (it’s actually due on Tuesday) or study for my chem [...]

I'm alive!

I am obviously a very big slacker for not updating my blog for the past week; and I’m also guilty of being a cliche (to quote Zander in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic book No Feature for You) because everyone supposedly starts blogs and then doesn’t update them. In my defense I’ve been sick [...]

3 weeks down, only 12 to go

Yesterday I was hit with a 100-ton Mac truck of a head cold, a result of general life stress (you may have figured out by now that I’m not the most low-key type person), the stress of the first 3 weeks of the fall semester, lack of sleep (gotta start getting more than a weekly [...]

Life update, Aug. 27 edition

Today I got my hands dirty (so to speak) diving into the first homework for both my Data Structures class and my 3D Animation I class. Data Structures is going to be wicked good fun. Seriously. If I thought that Programming II was fun since I got to play with Java the entire semester, this [...]

Here we go

My family had a fire out in the backyard this evening as a small “last day of summer” sort of thing for us students heading back to classes at HU tomorrow morning. Now my new HU hoodie has the nice smell of woodsmoke and I’ve been filled up by watching the flames dance around for [...]

Brain overload

I’ve been blissfully without this feeling of being very much trapped within my own thoughts for quite a few weeks now and I’d hoped it was gone. But today it came back with an intensity that it hasn’t had in a while. My personality type is such that I spend a lot of time within [...]

Home again

Just got back (OK, a couple hours ago, but excuse me for not updating my blog posthaste) from a weekend jaunt to Michigan for a wedding. It was an interesting and intense weekend for a number of reasons (not the least of which being that my immediate family is the most interesting and intense group [...]