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2am Thursday Tropics: Hanna on the move, Ike not so cute anymore

Geeze. Leave your computer for 8 hours, and what happens? A cute little category 1 hurricane in the middle of the ocean bombs out into a damn scary category 4 hurricane in a matter of hours. I kinda saw it coming, though: any storm with as good outflow as Ike had earlier today is not [...]

Atlantic Tropics 5pm Wed 9/3: Hanna on the move, Ike looking…cute

Perhaps saying that Tropical Storm (probably Hurricane by now) Ike looks really quite cute is insensitive to all those people in danger from the storm? If so, I’m sorry. But look at it: (Click for very large full-size version.) Anyway. The much less cute Tropical Storm Hanna is finally on the move and the forecast [...]

Atlantic Weather 1am Wed 9/3: it's only just beginning

The current tropics, in reverse order of threat to North America. Tropical Storm Josephine is just kinda out there not doing much (besides, you know, moving west at 10 knots an hour). It’s too early to tell yet if Josephine will ever be a threat to the USA or any part of North America for [...]

Atlantic Tropical Update 5pm 9/2: the Haiti attraction

Seriously, what did that country do to piss off the 2008 Atlantic Tropical Storms and Hurricanes so much? First Tropical Storm Fay dumps tons of rain on the country, than Gustav lingers longer than expected over the country and kills a few dozen people (probably helped by all the rain Fay dropped on the country), [...]

8am Atlantic Weather check

I’m not sure “busy” even comes close to describing what’s happening in the Atlantic Ocean right now: Gustav – of course we all know what happened with that storm, it made landfall in central Louisiana and is currently causing heavy rain and flood issues in Louisiana and Texas. Hanna – is taking its sweet time [...]

Tropical Storm Hanna 4pm 8/30: why even bother trying to forecast it?

I haven’t really checked in TS Hanna in a while (maybe as long as 36 hours?) in all the Gustav excitement, but I’ve just looked a Hanna a bit more closely and am amused (confused?) to see that it’s a bit farther south than I was expecting. Apparently it’s been defying the NHC’s forecasting tracks [...]

Tropics update: TS Gustav jumps in intensity, takes a southern loop around Jamaica; TD-8 forms

Wow. I only slept 5 hours (meh) but in that time Tropical Storm Gustav jumped from having 45mph winds (at the 11pm advisory and 2am intermediate advisory) to having 70mph winds (as reported in a Special Advisory at 7:30am), Jamaica has issued a Hurricane Warning in response to this jump in intensity. Another surprise that [...]