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Irony is lost on Joe

So Joe the Plumber has landed himself a gig as a war reporter and is in Israel for 10 days “to cover Israel’s side of the” current massacre, sorry I mean “conflict”, in Gaza. So far so good, aside from the part where he’s concerned that we poor Americans are getting cheated out of hearing [...]

Close to a grand

The death toll has reached 913, with a 69:1 Gazan-to-Israeli ratio. An average of 57 people per day. That’s higher than the daily average of Iraqi deaths since we invaded Iraq nearly 6 years ago. 40 Gazans were killed on Sunday compared to 0 Israelis. That’s a daily ratio of…∞:0. Anyone watch the 24 Season [...]

On Gaza

OK wait, is this supposed to make us forget about or forgive this? Because the former is common sense (don’t we give Israel enough aid as it is?) and the latter is a truly reprehensible act that boggles the mind. BBC tells us that Israel has already massacred 820 Gazans over the past two weeks, [...]