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Cool Stuff, Sep. 4 edition

Hello one, hello all. I’ve collected a few Cool Things that I would like to shear with you this evening. First is a list of webcomics that have come across my radar over the last couple of days. Most of them were linked off of QC, I think, but some of them may have been [...]

Today's Doonesbury…

Monday’s Doonesbury comic is pretty funny. I’m 90% sure that Garry Trudeau supports Hillary and I always find it amusing when he goes after Obama and the DNC. I was kinda worried in June, actually, since I’ve come to really love Doonesbury’s commentary but if he was going to just fall in line behind The [...]

Post flood!

I’ve got a lot of things to say this afternoon, so expect several posts all in a row over the next few minutes/hours. But first, something to make you think a little bit: today’s Joy of Tech comic is oddly disturbing…at least to me. Next up we have today’s daily Cow posting, and then one [...]

A funny blog

Today I ran across this blog called Where Is Bob? about the wacky antics of the author’s boss. It’s really funny. If you like Dilbert, you should enjoy this. ———— That is all for now. There might/should be a political post later tonight. Right now I’m listening to “Conflucians Say” on Blog Talk Radio (until [...]

Cool Stuff, Aug. 14 edition

It’s 5:09am, e.g. past bedtime for me (the new school semester starts in less than 1.5 weeks and I have a 9am class 4 days a week…eeks!) but I thought I’d spare some time for a list of today’s Cool Stuff: Today I was happy to find that Jerome Armstrong, a regular MyDD front-page poster, [...]

New stuff!

I’ve populated the Spring 2007 page with embedded videos of animations! Yays! -j

Dancing through life

You may have heard of Matt Harding already, but I thought this video was pretty amazing in its simplistic yet brilliant form. Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo. Enjoy. -j

Cow #17

(Click for larger version.) I was kind of obsessed with the Titanic when I was younger, so that’s supposed to be a snow-built model of the ship sinking in the last frame there. One of my life goals, actually, is still that I want to built an 18-foot model of the Titanic out of Lego [...]