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On college, exams and professor reactions to me

So, I actually do kinda want to study for the two exams I have this afternoon. I mean, both subjects are interesting and I obviously don’t want to fail the exams, but there’s always things that are so much more interesting at the exact moment that I sit down and say “alright, time to study”. [...]

3D modeling fun

I’ve been having fun in my 3D Animation II class so far this semester and I’ve just (or almost) completed the modeling phase of the first project: a model of a wind-up toy. Here’s a still image of part of the model (the final animation will be lit with an ambient light in addition to [...]

Why so serious?

So, I wonder how my Operating Systems professor is going to react to my slightly irreverent style of doing the homework in his class this semester (example: in answer to a chapter review question that asks “what are data structures” [a topic I spent an entire 4-hour-a-week class on last semester], instead of doing the [...]

Too true

Today’s Schlock Mercenary is a good analogy for how I feel on more days than I would like to admit. Kinda like today. ——— So there’s this power outage. Some power poles snapped (Duke Energy says they don’t know way, but it seems to me that given the extremely cold temperatures the likes of which [...]

Today: majority win

I’m not a big fan of Mondays. I’m not even a little fan of Mondays. In fact, if Mondays were a rock star I’d be one of those people who badmouths them for not being moral enough. Mondays and I have a strained relationship at best, which is perhaps why my subconscious made me turn [...]