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24: Season 7 first thoughts

Spoiler alert for those who haven’t seen 8am-noon of Day 7 of 24 (e.g. the first four episodes). (Follow me after the jump for my thoughts.)

Close to a grand

The death toll has reached 913, with a 69:1 Gazan-to-Israeli ratio. An average of 57 people per day. That’s higher than the daily average of Iraqi deaths since we invaded Iraq nearly 6 years ago. 40 Gazans were killed on Sunday compared to 0 Israelis. That’s a daily ratio of…∞:0. Anyone watch the 24 Season [...]

Jack and Tony stop for burgers

If you were ever annoyed that they never eat, go to the bathroom (unless they’re making secret phone calls, that is) or sleep on 24 this video is for you. I love YouTube and the things you find on it. Cheers. -j