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A blueprint for HSR on the East Coast

Last week I stumbled across something I’ve been seeking for a few years now: a list of the 100 busiest air travel routes in the United States, complete with passenger numbers from March 2009. Not having anything else to do on that particular Tuesday, I set to work putting the numbers to some use and [...]


Done messing around now. All posts from my old blog have been imported (some with the author name “jimmy2″, don’t worry, that’s still me, I just have multiple personalities…*grin*) and I’ve got my plugins and design all hammered out now (for now). So, all this to say…Welcome to My New Blog! -j P.S. in my [...]

Bare with me…

I’m trying to export-import all my posts from my old blog at http://jimmy.bouma-holtrop.com to this blog, but things are kinda wonky. Only some of the posts imported, but the posts that DID import all went out to my Twitter by the WP to Twitter plugin…I could have seen that one coming, I suppose. So I [...]

Coming soon

…this is still a work in progress. Nothing to see here. Move it along. (But do come back soon. I really hope and plan to have this blog fully up and running within a few days. *fingers crossed* In the meantime check out my Twitter and The Stream.)