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3D puppet

Here’s a picture of an early/not quite finished version of my current project in 3D Animation: a self-portrait Muppet-style circus performer puppet. Let nobody say that my professor is not creative in his assignments. I should probably go back to my Visual Basic homework now. Cheers. -j

Obama's HSR plan is not good enough

I was really excited to see the CNN headline “Obama unveils high-speed rail plan” this evening. Anybody who knows me or has read this blog can probably attest to my great interest in this topic, so I was very pleased to see that Obama would be coming through on his campaign promise to bring HSR [...]

Colbert pwns NASA, NASA returns the favor

This is beautiful: A few months ago NASA held a contest to name the new wing of the International Space Station. They allowed anybody to submit whatever name they wanted, but said that they wouldn’t absolutely commit to naming it the winning name if they didn’t like it. So, Stephen Colbert, in typical fashion, called [...]

Mac vs. Windows: my opinion

I’ll admit that I find the new “I’m a PC” ads from Microsoft annoying and all that, but what I find most annoying is the reactions that they’ve been inciting from people. Everyone from the people declaring that little “Kylie” was gonna make PC sales skyrocket (OK, don’t flame me: I know he didn’t actually [...]