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Howard Tayler Underestimates Himself

Howard Tayler, as you might know, is the creator, author and artist of the truly awesome space opera webcomic Schlock Mercenary (can you tell I love this comic?). Well, yesterday he posted a news post that one of his recent story arcs (The Body Politic) was nominated for a Hugo Award (awesome, huh?) he mentioned [...]

Electric cars just around the corner (for real this time?)

The BBC is reporting that researchers may have found a way to make lithium-ion batteries that are lighter and smaller than current li-ion batteries and that can change in a fraction of the time of current li-ions (perhaps as little as 5% the time). This will not only make charging cell phones and other portable [...]

Post script

Yes, I am aware of the irony inherent in finding grammar or spelling errors in my own piece calling out someone else on his or her writing abilities. Shut up. *grin* -j

My beef with Meghan McCain's writing

How exactly did Meghan McCain graduate from Columbia University and work for Newsweek without ever learning to write well? I was actually really interested in reading her take on why Ann Coulter is bad for the world and/or the GOP, but I had to keep taking breaks from reading it because of her terrible writing. [...]

Am I addicted yet?

Walking home from campus (half mile through a suburban area) at midnight I was suddenly worried for a split second that I was being chased by monsters from World of Warcraft. I wonder, does this make me an addict after only a week of playing the game? Or maybe it’s just my rather active imagination [...]

I like t-shirts

I need Steve’s t-shirt in today’s Questionable Content. Seriously. I NEED IT. Time for bed now. (I hate DST, it’s 3am but only feels like 2am. 6 hours of sleep suddenly becomes 5 because from the perspective of my body my entire Monday class schedule has been moved up by an hour. Because it kind [...]

On college, exams and professor reactions to me

So, I actually do kinda want to study for the two exams I have this afternoon. I mean, both subjects are interesting and I obviously don’t want to fail the exams, but there’s always things that are so much more interesting at the exact moment that I sit down and say “alright, time to study”. [...]

Where is it, Joss?

I’m looking for something, and I’m losing hope of finding it. I’m talking about the new Friday evening Fox show from self-professed feminist Joss Whedon: Dollhouse (some spoilers from the first several episodes below), and what I’m looking for is the strong, in-control, smart and sexy women we’ve come to expect from Joss in such [...]

Pretty please?

I need the last panel of today’s Schlock Mercenary on a t-shirt. SERIOUSLY. My life will not be complete without it. I love Petey so much. That is all. -j