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3D modeling fun

I’ve been having fun in my 3D Animation II class so far this semester and I’ve just (or almost) completed the modeling phase of the first project: a model of a wind-up toy. Here’s a still image of part of the model (the final animation will be lit with an ambient light in addition to [...]

HSR wins big in final stimulus bill

CNN.com today has a story about what stayed, what got cut and what actually got increased funding in the final stimulus bill (which still needs to be passed by the house and the senate, but the conference committee seems to have agreed on it which is good news), and the biggest winner in terms of [...]

Oh yeah

Do you ever have it where you’re in such a rotten mood that your mood actually improves because it’s such a wonderfully deliciously terrible mood that you’re in? Maybe it’s just my rather dark and sarcastic personality, but I get such a thrill out of not feeling much remorse about making the entire world aware [...]

Why so serious?

So, I wonder how my Operating Systems professor is going to react to my slightly irreverent style of doing the homework in his class this semester (example: in answer to a chapter review question that asks “what are data structures” [a topic I spent an entire 4-hour-a-week class on last semester], instead of doing the [...]

Mmm, hyper

So far today I have consumed: 2/3 of a piece of toast with cheese on it, a mug of black tea, a 20 oz. cup of Dr. Pepper and half of a ham and cheese sub. How do YOU spell hyper? -j

There's still room for decline, and by golly we're gonna use that room!

Last Wednesday on CNN: The American Society of Civil Engineers issued an infrastructure report card Wednesday giving a bleak cumulative ranking of D. So, we need to act on that issue, then? This Wednesday on CNN: The first attempt to make a change to the economic stimulus package failed Tuesday night, a sign that Republicans [...]