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On Gaza January 11, 2009 at 7:13 am

OK wait, is this supposed to make us forget about or forgive this? Because the former is common sense (don’t we give Israel enough aid as it is?) and the latter is a truly reprehensible act that boggles the mind.

BBC tells us that Israel has already massacred 820 Gazans over the past two weeks, including 235 children (hardly Hamas terrorists, no?), and Hamas has killed…13 Israelis.

Every country has “a right to defend itself” like the US House declared on Friday when they voted 390 to 5 in support of Israel’s current genocide in Gaza, but this has gone way beyond “defending themselves.” If Israel wanted to stop the Hamas rocket attacks on southern Israel (a perfectly understandable desire) they could have spent a few minutes to consult with their intelligence services (or even those of their powerful ally and fellow aggressor: the United States) to find out where the Hamas rockets and/or leaders where located (or, failing at that relatively simple task, they could just go house-to-house in Gaza, they certainly have the power to control the territory and not let anybody out) and then send in some strike teams that will take the Hamas fighters out back and shoot them in the back of the head. It’s simpler, easier, less costly, takes less military personnel and most of all: saves the lives of at least 235 innocent children who have lost their lives in response to the deaths of 13 people.

But Israel knew that was a possibility and they didn’t do it. Why not? Could be they think this will send a better message to other terrorist groups contemplating attacks on them, but I think it has more to do with the act that they know they can get away with it without any major push-back from they allies…mainly the United States, and they were damn right. Rather than get any push-back, they got a blanket approval from the United States government both in actions (Iraq) and words (Friday’s congressional vote).

Well I have one thing to say to those 390 congresspeople who voted yes on Israel’s war of unthinkable aggression: at this point, each and every one of you is responsible for the deaths of 2.1 Gazans. That number will surely rise in the coming hours, days and possibly weeks. If the United States government stood up and spoke out against this type of violence in one of our own allies, and especially if we cut off funding for Israel, I would be very surprised if it wouldn’t give Israel at least a moment of pause, if not pushing them to completely quit the offensive actions against a trapped helpless people.

Democrats: remember how we were angry and steamed and began working to end the Iraq War posthaste when we found out it was a war based on lies and that we had no reason to be there because the rational for the war was flawed? Well, guess what: Israel had no rational to offer for their war on Gaza. They wanted the rocket fire to stop, fine, but there are better ways that they could do that as I outlined above (bloody fuck, you idiots: why do you need a 19-year-old college student to tell you these things for crying out loud?). But you know what? It’s another country’s business, and if we learned anything from our little Iraq adventure it’s not to meddle in other country’s business. So stop it: stop fucking enabling people who are doing exactly what we were so aghast at in Iraq once we found out it was an unjust war (some of us knew that from the state, but that’s water under the bridge…). So you know what? We’re anti-Iraq War right? Because it’s a mindless, needless bloodbath? Israel’s Gaza Incursion is a mindless, needless bloodbath. You’re hypocrites for voting in support of Israel on this matter. You need to reverse that vote and cut off all funding to Israel. Now.

Otherwise you’ve proved that you’re no better than the republicans we voted out in 2006 and 2008.

And Obama? Stop being mum on the first major international issue you’re going to face as president and STAND UP AGAINST IT. Otherwise the fact that Hillary voted for the Iraq War will look like a saintly gesture. I’m serious. Show some guts you’ve never shone before, show you can stand up to bullying countries. SHOW US THAT YOU’RE REALLY A WASHINGTON OUTSIDER by going against the unthinkable stance your party has taken on this issue of the murder of hundreds of children.

With little hope of a sudden change of heart in Washington,


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