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I’m pretty sure that not updating my blog for nearly 2 weeks makes me a very bad person. Either that or lazy, not committed to blogging or a very big cliché. At any rate, there was reason for 1 of those missed weeks of blogging, and that reason was Disney World! I spent the last [...]

Dance with me

Two and a half weeks ago I got a new camcorder (never had one before, truth be told). 9 days ago I shot video of an impromptu Sunday-before-exam-week dance party that me and my siblings had and I spent (parts of) the last 5 days (since exams ended) editing that video together to learn the [...]

Robot Animation, take 2

Several days ago I posted my “draft” version of my final project in 3D Animation I class but mentioned that I would like to do more to the animation, namely making it longer and changing the lighting at the end. Well, I didn’t have time to make it longer, but I did ue 6 computers [...]


Hmm. I guess the new camcorder isn’t that great at taking still photos. Good to keep in mind. Anyway. I never make salads, but I was feeling the need for something raw and didn’t feel like fruit so I was going to make myself a “small salad.” Once it became clear that it was going [...]

Jack and Tony stop for burgers

If you were ever annoyed that they never eat, go to the bathroom (unless they’re making secret phone calls, that is) or sleep on 24 this video is for you. I love YouTube and the things you find on it. Cheers. -j

Don't be silly

I just read a feature on CNN Money called “Why electric cars have stalled” that seemed to argue that the main reason is the economy. That makes sense to me, if the Big Three are crawling (or driving, as the case my be) to Washington asking for money then little electric car start-ups must really [...]

Robot animation

The finished robot 3D Animation. I’m rather proud of it. I’m more happy with it than I am with the snowperson I made earlier this semester in the same class. Robot Craft Animation from Jimmy Bouma-Holtrop on Vimeo. Ideally I would’ve liked to make the animation longer (I wanted to have the lights change color [...]


Hey, look, it’s 11 degrees outside. I can’t say I’m totally happy about this. -j

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008 report

Chemistry exam this afternoon went well considering that I spent the time I had planned to study writing about time travel and how much I dislike chem class…oh wait, I wrote that when I had planned to complete my overdue homework for comp arc class. Anyway, I probably spent less than an hour actually studying [...]

What if…?

I’ve thought for a while that we know time travel will never be possible because nobody has ever visited us from the future. It’s a fairly simple argument once you get your head around it, but I think (hope?) it logically holds up. Anyway, today I had the sudden thought that that might not be [...]