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Tropics update: TS Gustav jumps in intensity, takes a southern loop around Jamaica; TD-8 forms

Wow. I only slept 5 hours (meh) but in that time Tropical Storm Gustav jumped from having 45mph winds (at the 11pm advisory and 2am intermediate advisory) to having 70mph winds (as reported in a Special Advisory at 7:30am), Jamaica has issued a Hurricane Warning in response to this jump in intensity. Another surprise that [...]

Gustav borderline Tropical Depression, expected to re-strengthen

Ah, screw going to bed, I want to post about the hurricane, tropical depression?, Tropical Storm in the northeastern Caribbean! The NHC reported at 11pm that the hurricane hunters only found 39kt flight-level winds in Tropical Storm Gustav at 7pm, which would translate to surface winds of only 30 knots (I think surface winds are [...]

Life update, Aug. 27 edition

Today I got my hands dirty (so to speak) diving into the first homework for both my Data Structures class and my 3D Animation I class. Data Structures is going to be wicked good fun. Seriously. If I thought that Programming II was fun since I got to play with Java the entire semester, this [...]

Gustav 3am update

My better judgment is telling me to go to bed, but my other judgment is telling me to post an update on Tropical Storm Gustav. So, the storm is down to 60mph winds and is still right near Haiti. It’s moving somewhere between west and west-northwest and will begin a full westward movement soon, at [...]

Twittering Hillary's speech

…at the DNC Convention. twitter.com/forecaster15

Hurricane Gustav 5pm Tuesday Update

Hurricane Gustav made landfall in Haiti at 1pm today as a high-end category 1 hurricane with winds of 90mph. On the storm’s current northwestward track it will quickly move across the country and re-emerge over water in a few hours. (In fact, radar from Cuba shows the storm making good progress across Haiti) Despite Haiti’s [...]

Hurricane Gustav 8am update

When the hurricane hunters entered TS Gustav about 6 hours ago they found a hurricane with 80mph winds. In Public Advisory #5 at 5am this morning the NHC reported that top winds were then 85mph and in the concurrent Forecast Discussion they noted that “GUSTAV IS LIKELY NOT DONE INTENSIFYING BEFORE IT PASSES OVER SOUTHWESTERN [...]

TS Gustav midnight update

Winds are now at 70mph (just 5mph shy of hurricane force), while the track after 24 hours has been shifted slightly south again amid continuing insistence by the computer forecasting models that Tropical Storm Gustav will take a hard left turn near Haiti and pass south of Cuba. The official NHC prediction now shows the [...]

Twittering the convention

Check the sidebar for my new Twitter stream, bringing you all my sarcastic comments on the democratic national convention speakers (OK, just Michelle Obama, but still). -j

Tropical Storm Gustav 5pm update

I’m back from class now and have a bit of time to spend on TS Gustav. When I posted about TD-7′s upgrade to Tropical Storm Gustav I didn’t do much analysis since I had a class to get to, but now I have a bit more time (no class for another 84 minutes!) so I’ll [...]