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Memo to the DNC: you didn't win anything August 28, 2008 at 4:49 pm

I’m really (not) sorry to tell you this, DNC, DailyKos, MyDD, et cetera: but even though you got your boy as the nominee you really didn’t win anything as the PUMA movement is not giving up and not giving in and is actually growing. So I’m (not) glad that we’re “unified” now because you strong-armed the delegates into voting your way, but guess what? The PUMAs didn’t disappear overnight. You’ve seen the power of the PUMAs now (why other reason would there be for moving the roll call vote to inside the hotels on Wednesday afternoon rather than having it on the floor of the convention at Invesco Field this afternoon? Seems to me you were afraid that people would actually, you know, vote for Hillary and that absolutely Could. Not. Happen.), but you seem to be a bit naive in your thinking that the PUMAs will just pack up now and quietly vote for Obama. See, PUMAs are only going to get stronger as Obama/Biden turn out to be an utter failure this fall. Call it unjustified bitterness, call it bitchiness, call it what you will, but the PUMAs have the power to give this election to McCain and they’ve said over and over again that they’re going to use it.

Me? I call it democracy. You f**ked up DNC. Big time. Now it’s time to pay.

As for DailyKos, MyDD, etc.? WTF? When did you stop supporting grassroots efforts? Since when does everything have to be rubberstamped by you to not earn your scorn, contempt, and mockery? Oh wait, I forgot. Grassroots is good only as long as it supports The One. I thought you’d love a group of dedicated, passionate fighters who refuse to give up no matter what. But I guess your blind hatred of real, true, pure feminism clouds your judgment a bit when that group of dedicated, passionate fighters is led by middle-aged women and nary a young white man in sight. That’s f’ing scary to you, isn’t it? You don’t want to think that ‘yer mom’ can use a computer and seriously complicate the life of your young half-white (just enough black to be PC! Yay!) male candidate, do you?

Well it’s time to face that fear, because it seems the PUMA movement isn’t going away anytime soon and you’re going to have to deal with us sooner or later.

Love, peace and democracy to all!


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