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Gustav 11:50pm 8/31: here comes the rain again

Gustav is making landfall. Sure, landfall of the storm’s eye isn’t predicted to happen until late morning tomorrow, but Tropical Storm force winds have just begun to overspread parts of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. A weather station in Cocodrie, LA reported a wind gust of 39mph in a rain band of Gustav at 8pm [...]

Gustav 4am: I don't mean to alarm anybody, but I think New Orleans is being followed

(Firefly fans might recognize the reference in the title to Wash’s line in the first episode.) Seriously, though, what did the good people of Louisiana do to deserve this? Even if Hurricane Gustav makes landfall somewhere else, the threat is there now and the city-wide mandatory evacuation goes into effect at 8am CDT this morning. [...]

Gustav 9pm: entering the Gulf of Mexico

The National Weather Service radar from Key West, FL shows it. (Time sensitive loop.) More details later when I’m not supposed to be doing chores. -j

Gustav 6pm: Cuba landfall

With winds of 150mph Hurricane Gustav just slammed into the coast of western mainland Cuba on its way toward the Gulf of Mexico and eventually the northern Gulf Coast. Weather stations in the area seem to be pretty sparse so there’s not a lot of data on what’s actually happening at “ground zero”, but I [...]

Tropical Storm Hanna 4pm 8/30: why even bother trying to forecast it?

I haven’t really checked in TS Hanna in a while (maybe as long as 36 hours?) in all the Gustav excitement, but I’ve just looked a Hanna a bit more closely and am amused (confused?) to see that it’s a bit farther south than I was expecting. Apparently it’s been defying the NHC’s forecasting tracks [...]

Hurricane Gustav now extremely powerful Category 4 storm, 3pm 8/30

In the last 24 hours Gustav has gone from being a high-end Tropical Storm with winds of 70mph to being an extremely powerful and dangerous category 4 hurricane with winds of 145mph. That is just an incredible jump in intensity in such a short amount of time. Saying that Hurricane Gustav’s satellite appearance is impressive [...]

TS Gustav quick update

I really should be cooking dinner, but look! Gustav has regained hurricane status. Also, there’s been a small but noticeable shift in most of the models slightly to the left, now placing the model consensus track into western Louisiana very near the Louisiana/Texas state line. No idea if that shift will stay through the next [...]

TS Gustav 8/29 afternoon analysis

I have class in 41 minutes, so all logic says that it’s time to start writing blog post that takes 30+ minutes to compose. (That was sarcasm based on my somewhat, ah, creative time-management skills. I somehow manage to get great grades anyway, though, so you know.)(Hey! At least I did the homework before starting [...]

TS Gustav 1am 8/29 update

About 5 hours from now is the 3-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina making landfall. Not sure why I bring that up, it just seems right in a post about a possibly major hurricane heading into the Gulf of Mexico in late August. (But remember: FINAL LANDFALL LOCATION COULD STILL BE ANYWHERE ON THE NORTHERN GULF [...]

Memo to the DNC: you didn't win anything

I’m really (not) sorry to tell you this, DNC, DailyKos, MyDD, et cetera: but even though you got your boy as the nominee you really didn’t win anything as the PUMA movement is not giving up and not giving in and is actually growing. So I’m (not) glad that we’re “unified” now because you strong-armed [...]