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Cow #9

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Lisp by xkcd

I got 4 hours and 20 minutes of sleep last night (give or take 5 minutes), so I’m content to sit and read the archives of xkcd all day, maybe I should say “I’m too tired to do anything else”, rather than “content to”. At any rate, I thought this comic was funny enough to [...]

This is rather funny

Perhaps it’s just the fact that it’s 3:27am, but I found this xkcd comic quite amusing. Or maybe it has nothing to do with the time and everything to do with the fact that I use that phrase quite a bit and I’m always usually up for some self-mockery, even if it’s only in my [...]

Cow #8

I’m sure everyone has been on the edge of their seats waiting for today’s daily Cow posting. … OK. Or not. At any rate. Here it is.


How much of what I write do people actually understand? Sometimes I take a step back and read something I’ve written and realize that it’s random and/or I’ve left huge connections unsaid and simply assumed, but then I wonder if I’m assuming too much? Should I make those connections rather leaving huge holes in my [...]

"W" Movie

It is apparently impossible for me to go to bed before dawn when I have no outside schedule keeping me getting up in the morning and not mid or late afternoon. This is generally not an issue, until I agree to see someone off at the airport at 11am. Luckily that’s not actually today, but [...]

Cow 6 and 7

I totally forgot to post a strip yesterday, so today you get two strips! Yay! -jimmy

Search engines

It all started with an article in The Independent about a new search service started by 3 ex-Google employees. (quick aside: why does the headline refer to “Google old boys” while in the article they keep referring to a women who seems to be the leader or at least spokesperson of the 3?) From there [...]

Today's shiniest word

Automagically is a very good word. That is all. -j

BSOD and my computing needs

The serial-to-USB adapter that I use to connect my weather station to my laptop has caused two Blue Screens of Death in the last few weeks, reminding me that when I installed the adapter Windows XP yelled at me and told me it wasn’t a supported device (or something along those lines) and that it [...]